What does December 21st mean to you? So many different holiday celebrations in our country, in each country, and yet Dec 21 as marking the return of the light is universal for us in the Northern Hemisphere. The Winter Solstice. For me, living in New England, November is a bleak and colorless month – following the brilliance of fall foliage peak in October. The cold and dark sets in, the clocks turn back, and by now it’s completely dark by 4:30pm!  This affects my whole spirit— my energy levels, my motivations, and sometimes my outlook. This is a time to turn inward. To be with the darkness that’s inside me. To feel it and understand it better.  Sometimes that looks like depression or sadness, sometimes reflection and insight. For many, the darkness can feel like doubt and insecurity, fear or worry, and can even paralyze action. This dark time gives us an opportunity to practice connecting to the power of our self worth, our dignity, as a guiding North Star to move through the roadblocks, and to better understand our internal struggles. This connection to your dignity is the light returning with the December Winter Solstice. This is a time to harness the power of your light inside by remembering that you are worthy, even with all the dark parts of you. How will you shine in 2021? 

See you on the other side!

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