Have you ever started something new – a new important role or project that took courage and guts, requiring you to be vulnerable and take risks? And then that “new start” hits a breakdown along the way? What was your internal story about it? How did you move through the breakdown – or not? How did all this show up in your body?

Recently, I discovered that despite my research efforts, I made some key wrong assumptions about using the name, DignityWorks. A business owner in the UK contacted me who had been using DignityWorks for many years, and I faced the threat of litigation. I halted all program promotion, postponed the pilot to January 2021, and resigned to go back to square one for brand name and design. It felt like a devastating loss of time, money, and momentum. This breakdown opened the door for all of my dignity threats to come knockin’! All of the “I am not worthy” stories flooded my head and wracked my body with anxiety: I should have known how to avoid this setback (how embarrassing!); this business will never be ‘real’ or earn me a living; I am letting everyone down (you all!) and no one will trust me after this; I look like a fool and who am I to start my own business….I think you get the point!

I had to keep bringing myself away from anxiety and towards my dignity, with the simple mantra “I am worthy”, along with many deep breaths! I did this before my Zoom with the UK owner and remained calm, focused, and non-reactive, despite my own discomfort! I was able to articulate better and make decisions clearer. 

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