Jess Paré

Jess Paré Headshot

Jess Paré is a lifelong student of human thriving. She has an insatiable curiosity for what conditions, skills, and mindsets allow human beings to reach their highest potential.

Having studied this at a macro level in undergrad with a major in Sociology, Jess then pursued a master's in educational policy, planning and leadership to learn how to create institutions of higher education that support student thriving. After applying this knowledge at the university level for six years, Jess moved to studying human thriving from another angle by looking at the social problems that prevent it while working for four years in the nonprofit sector. This deep dive into human suffering led her to look for hope of a better world and to find it in the teachings of positive psychology, neuroplasticity and coaching.

Now, Jess uses these approaches along with her expertise in learning experience design and group facilitation to support organizations, teams, and leaders to reach higher levels of well-being and performance.