I have said I’m never going back to the way things were in the workplace and I too demand better conditions, for myself and others. In fact, this was part of the impetus to start my own leadership development and strategic coaching business, JKirley Collective.

When Covid hit, I had my dream job as the executive Director of the Family Business Center in Western Mass. I had the privilege of working with business owners and leaders, helping them develop themselves and their teams for greater success. I knew that after 20 years of working in business and management, and facing this pandemic, I could help make a difference in shifting the tides towards healthier workplace cultures and more job satisfaction overall.

My path was intentional, deliberate, and with purpose. I connected with key mentors along the way, I built my business systematically and with great care, and I invested in my own training and development by becoming a Certified Everything DiSC Facilitator and Authorized Partner with Wiley.

I am honored to serve local businesses here in Western Mass, working with Chambers and Higher Ed institutions to develop their workplace cultures; also nationally as a Business Advisor for the Goldman-Sachs 10k Small Businesses program.

Whether I’m doing 1-1 Strategic Coaching with an Executive,team building with managers, or helping HR directors develop a comprehensive training and growth plan, the mission is the same: to help leaders be the most effective they can be by developing awareness and strategies for better working relationships.

Just last week, NPR Marketplace Morning Report (3/23/22) stated that over 3 million people are quitting their jobs each month in America, many who are looking for higher pay, safer conditions, and more meaning. Keith Ferrazzi was interviewed and shared his perspective that “The Great Resignation is a victimized way of looking at what’s going on: a massive movement of transformation [in the workplace]….Those [employers] who don’t find a way to serve their people will face the Great Resignation as victims.” He emphasized the importance of helping employees align to their “why”, connect their purpose and meaning at work, and to invest in them in creative ways beyond pay.


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