Embody your Voice, Embody your Dignity

A Workshop & Peer Group Session designed for those who are ready to embrace their self-expression by connecting to dignity and sharing their voice courageously.

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Virtual Workshop

February 23, 2021
1-3pm EST

Workshop Participants will:

  • Learn how the voice can be a healing tool to calm the nervous system
  • Discover how the voice is a tool for greater self-expression and for building dignity awareness
  • Experience a somatic practice of vocal exercises and gentle movement
  • Connect to dignity (inherent self-worth)  through the power of the voice

Virtual Peer Group Session

March 2, 2021
1-2:30pm EST

Peer Group will:

  • Share workshop takeaways
  • Share personal stories of success and challenges
  • Gain hands-on tools and practices to integrate into daily life
  • Expand the ability to use voice practices to deepen the connection to  dignity and self-worth

A free and expressive voice is at the heart of embodying dignity.

This unique workshop will give you tools to “embody your voice” and “embody your dignity.” But what does this mean? To embody  your voice is to be at home in your voice and connected to the sensations in your body. Voice work and gentle movement open up your vitality, communication, and help you get you in touch with your dignity, or inherent self-worth. You will explore the healing and self-empowerment possible within your very own voice.

When you embody your voice, you can speak up for yourself and for those you love from a place of authenticity. You can speak out against injustice, take on creative projects and challenges, and let go of what others think. The voice you have, exactly as it is, has everything you need. We invite you to come as you are to embody your voice and embody your dignity.

“In this historical moment of women unleashing their voices and — we hope — changing the world as they do, we can’t depend on what we can see outside ourselves to show us the way. We are called to forge significant reimaginings, restructurings, reconceptualizing of the status quo. What is required will come from within as much as from without.”

Tara Mohr, Playing Big


Jessi Kirley
Kelly Vogel


Program cost: $75

Need-based*: $25

*Choose the “Need-based” option if ANY of these apply to you (no questions asked!):

  • Paying for the course would interfere with paying for your basic living expenses.
  • You have been economically disadvantaged due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • You are Black and/or Indigenous. (As a step towards reparations.)

Program participants can continue building their skills and growing their network by joining an ongoing monthly Peer Group, facilitated by Jessi Kirley.

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