Dr. Leslie A. Saulsberry

Dr. Leslie A. Saulsberry teaches Visionary Women how to shift their mindset, establish lifestyle practices, and dive deep into reflective work so they know intuitively what it feels like to live in Joy!

She is an Executive Coach of senior global, academic, government, political, and executive leaders. She trains global team leaders (that manage six and seven figure budgets/projects/portfolios) in Leadership and Communication; Teambuilding; Accountability; Emotional Intelligence; Multiple Intelligence; Planning and Organizing (while also teaching the evidence-based benefits of leading from a place of competency, compassion, clarity, connection, awareness, purpose, and flow). She is also the creator of The Art of Whole Leadership™, Whole Leadership—Where Competency Meet Compassion™ and Intuitive Joy™

Dr. Saulsberry hosts international retreats for women in leadership; affinity group coaching for women in leadership; and coaches women in creating, building, and growing their companies, careers, and cultivating expansive lives. She is a CEO, Keynote Speaker, Author, and TV/Media Guest Expert.