Dignity in Conversation

A Workshop & Peer Group Session designed to expand self-awareness through dignity embodiment so you can build stronger relationships and craft the life you want and deserve!

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Virtual Workshop

April 8, 2021, 8am - 12pm EST

Workshop Participants will:

  • Experience the power of connecting to self-worth (dignity) in the body, and learn a guided embodiment exercise
  • Hear guest stories of dignity threats & resilience strategies
  • Practice conversation tools to make more effective requests and better promises

Virtual Peer Group Session

April 15, 2021, 8am - 11am EST

Peer Groups will:

  • Share workshop takeaways
  • Share personal stories of success and challenges
  • Strengthen new dignity-grounded conversation skills
  • Expand network of support

Together we can raise the cultural standards of dignity within the workplace and at home, and contribute to the movement to shift institutionalized economic, gender, and racial injustices globally.

COVID-19 has thrown most of the world population into turmoil on every front, disproportionately affecting women and BIPOC populations. It has revealed the many broken systems and institutionalized injustices like never before, and has threatened the livelihood of countless small businesses. More and more people are demanding humanity and raising their voices to affect change.

Our program offers simple tools for using our words more effectively, to make better promises and requests. These educational and training programs help people build stronger relationships and have more positive influence at work, at home, and in their community.

“Without the shared language and understanding of dignity….We will continue to act instinctively in the service of self-preservation when we experience a threat to our dignity."

Donna Hicks, Leading with Dignity


Jessi Kirley
Andrea Bordenca
Susan McNamara
Kalpana Devi

Guest Speakers

Chetna M. Malaviya
Elizabeth Solomon
Dr. Leslie A. Saulsberry


Program cost: $270

Need-based* (no questions asked): $90

*You can choose the “Need-based” option if ANY of these apply to you:

  • Paying for the course would interfere with paying for your basic living expenses.
  • You have been economically strained due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • You are Black and/or Indigenous. (As a step towards reparations.)

Program participants can continue building their skills and growing their network by joining an ongoing monthly Peer Group, facilitated by Jessi Kirley.

"It was wonderful to connect with others while exploring the topic of dignity in conversation. This is something that I have always struggled with, so it was great to learn from others and hear valuable insight, stories and strategies I can use to foster my self-worth and ability to communicate effectively."

Program Participant

"This was real, I felt all the emotions and stayed very connected. AMAZING!"

Program Participant

"Today, through the dignity virtual experience, I was invited into the one of the deepest and most profound experiences of the journey into my soul, worthiness and owning my truth. THANK YOU!"

Program Participant

"Dignity in Conversation was a liberating exchange of stories, magnified by embodiment exercises that helped me engage at on somatic level. It was rich, fun, and inspiring."

Program Participant

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