Claim Your Worth

A Workshop & Peer Group Session designed for those who are ready to claim their financial worth and build an empowered future!

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Virtual Workshop

February 10, 2021
9 - 10:30am EST

Workshop Participants will:

  • Identify the emotions, stories and old baggage you associate with money
  • Get clearer about your goals, priorities and values
  • Learn how to prepare for life’s most important “money conversations”
  • Leave the workshop with an inspiring to-do list to propel you into action!

Virtual Peer Group Session

February 17, 2021
9 - 10:30am EST

Peer Group will:

  • Share workshop takeaways
  • Share personal stories of success and challenges
  • Create action plans for your financial empowerment
  • Expand your network of support

Feel calmer and more optimistic about your money and your future.

We will give you the tools to become more aware of your emotional and physical reactions to money, and then share ways to reshape your thinking. Most importantly, you’ll have clarity, confidence and conviction as you plan for your future. You’ll learn simple ways to prepare for life’s most important money conversations.

We believe that when you learn how to “claim your worth,” you’re more equipped to make better financial choices and build the life you’ve always wanted.

"Each money discussion you have is also an investment in your most important relationships. Trust that these conversations will have a far-reaching impact on you and your family. Someone just needs to get the conversation started. Be brave and let it be you!"

Amy Jamrog, Life Saving Conversations


Jessi Kirley
Amy Jamrog


Program cost: $150

Need-based: $50

Since this program is about financial empowerment, we want this to be as accessible as possible, so we are pricing it that way. If the program cost is a barrier for you, and one or more of the following applies to you, please do select the need-based ticket:

  • Paying for the course would interfere with paying for your basic living expenses.
  • You have been economically strained due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • You are Black and/or Indigenous. (As a step towards reparations.)

Program participants can continue building their skills and growing their network by joining an ongoing monthly Peer Group, facilitated by Jessi Kirley.

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