Andrea Bordenca

Andrea Bordenca is the CEO, and alumna of the Institute for Generative Leadership, USA (IGL US). Andrea is the mother of 3 boys and is married to artist Chris Bordenca. The Bordenca family reside in Belchertown, Massachusetts. Andrea also serves as the CEO and chairperson of DESCO Service, a national emergency field service organization; is the founder of Lead Yourself Youth, which adapts generative methodology from IGL for educators, students, and caregivers of youth; and is the co-founder of The Women’s Collaborative, an organization committed to building communities founded on trust, support and empowerment.

Andrea holds multiple certifications, including coaching certifications from Newfield Network and Strozzi Institute. Andrea is also certified to teach a 6 week teleclass called “Listening to Bodies Long Distance”, a course developed by Master Somatic Coach, Suzanne Zeman that offers participants guided practices to build somatic awareness to access deeper levels of presence and connection to others.