About Us

Amid a global pandemic, leaders have an unprecedented challenge to manage significant disruption and uncertainty.

And in order to adapt, it is essential to cultivate greater self awareness and an understanding of others.

The mission of JKirley Collective is to offer resources and training to ease that heavy lift; to improve the agility, wellness, and performance of your workplace.

From the beginning, JKirley Collective has invested in the power of collaboration, seeing how collective engagement can inspire personal and professional growth. Our original workshops were designed to help people develop their awareness of inherent dignity and access their own agency. The impact was inspiring. And now, through shifting our focus to leadership development, this impact can expand throughout the workplace: helping leaders cultivate cultures of dignity and high performance that value individual wellness.


In pursuit of this vision, we have engaged in our most intensive collaboration yet. Jessi Kirley, founder of JKC, has partnered with Ingrid Bredenberg of Bredenberg Associates, as her successor. This past year they conducted an apprenticeship, where Jessi received her certification as an Everything DiSC® Workplace Facilitator, and is currently training to become an Authorized Wiley Partner.

The work of supporting leadership development that is dynamic, relevant, and useful – using the power of DiSC® – promises to be extremely rewarding! We look forward to serving Ingrid's clients with the same high quality care and attention they have been receiving for the past 33 years!

Our Team

Jessi Kirley
Ingrid Bredenberg

"Jessi's pure passion and authenticity in the work that she is creating is what called me to her collective. She has such a deep connection to her calling and a sense of humility to the process. I am humbled to have been drawn to such an amazing person. Who she is pulled me to her sphere."

Program Collaborator

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