About Us

We envision a world where all workplace cultures celebrate inclusion and everyone feels safe, valued, and productive.

The mission of JKirley Collective is to provide strategic guidance and sustainable solutions that visionary leaders need in order to advance workplace wellness globally.

From the beginning, JKirley Collective has invested in the power of collaboration, seeing how collective engagement can inspire personal and professional growth. Our original workshops were designed to help people develop their awareness of inherent dignity and access their own agency. The impact was inspiring. And now, our focus is on sustainable culture strategy, to expand workplace wellness at all levels of an organization.

An invaluable moment for JKC was when Ingrid Bredenberg of Bredenberg Associates chose Jessi Kirley as her successor. As an Authorized Wiley Partner, experienced coach and facilitator, Jessi serves Ingrid's clients with the same high quality care and attention they have been receiving for over 3 decades!

In 2023, JKC committed to amplifying our impact by expanding the collective. Along with their own unique offerings for leaders and teams, the added capacity will allow JKC to offer a greater scope of strategic consulting and coaching services to its clients in the future.

In 2024, JKC became a certified woman-owned and LGBTQ+-owned business, obtaining the WBE, WBENC, and LGBTBE certifications.

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